{Miss Jones}

When work brought Kim to Paris, I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of shooting with her. Not only is she adorably sweet but she also makes my job a thousand times easier with her relaxed approach and envy-inducing wardrobe. Together we created a few visual stories to document her time in Paris; I sought out the prettiest Parisian backdrops and Kim styled the most flawless outfits. On this particular afternoon we strolled St Germain playing hide and seek with the sun as we weaved in and out of backstreets eventually ending up at a pretty Parisian terrace for tea and lunch al fresco.

For the whole collection of photos you can visit Kim’s blog

{Sometimes you have to go back to move forwards}

I’d left my soul in Paris, every part of my being was aching to return. My former happy go lucky self had seemingly disappeared and when you lose a part of your self, the only think left to do is return to reclaim it. And that is exactly what I did. I was greeted with old friends who lent an ear to my woes and helped to rebuild my security. Truthfully speaking it was a weekend which I was very much in need of. I had needed to return to part ways with Paris properly. I left feeling a thousand times happier and feeling self-assured in my plan. So far in life I’ve found it essential to have a plan to give me a sense of purpose and something to strive towards even if it doesn’t always work out or there are hiccups along the road I always need to have faith in my plan. It was a wonderful weekend filled with old friends as well as new ones, frequenting my former haunts as well as discovering new ones. In the meanwhile I’m so excited to share with you some of the photos taken whilst there and a few of the projects I embarked on.


I spent today daydreaming about the idyllic Château de Chantilly, of all the castles in Paris, this one is by far the dreamiest I’ve been to. One of the wonderful things about living in this city is having so many beautiful day trip locations just a hop, skip and train ride away. If you’re ever feeling worn out by urban life, you can rest assured you’re never far from peace and tranquility.

{Jardin du Luxembourg}

Looking at these photos below you wouldn’t believe that its already October in Paris. Hopping off the airplane, even at dusk the temperature seemed miles warmer than in England. This threw all of my packing askew forcing me to forego my original outfit plans of oversized knits and ankle boots. The temperature didn’t once get cold enough for me to unpack my trench coat which I’d recently purchased especially for the trip. But who am I to complain about sunshine and warmth when the gardens in Paris look as dreamy as this.

{Hôtel Costes}

Rumour has it that Hôtel Costes sells the best roses in Paris, and if the window display is anything to go by then I can believe it. Right next door to the heavenly florist lies the entrance to one of the grandest hotels in Paris, one which I’d heard much about yet never had the pleasure of entering. One of my best friends had told me of its plush interior and superb cocktails so I was more than a little excited to finally make it there, albeit at a different time of day. One sunny summer’s day I snuck into the beautifully ornate and ivy-grown terrace to meet the lovely Teekay for a lunch date where I had the best club sandwich I’ve ever eaten which only makes me more eager to return at nightfall for one of those aforementioned cocktails.

239-241 RUE SAINT-HONORE, 75001

{Postcard from Paris}

Oh Paris why do you have to steal all of our hearts? Wouldn’t one person’s heart do just fine? Paris is a city which seems to ignite something inside each of it’s roamer’s, and a lot of the time I don’t understand why but then a magical moment happens reminding me why I fell so deeply in love with this achingly beautiful place. I opened my cast iron blinds to a dark sky but minutes later as I rolled out of bed and onto my bike the sky rapidly turned to a fiery red, the shade of red which intensifies as the minutes pass. I cycled down to the Seine to catch the last flickers of orange over the river before meandering along the empty streets and capturing this shot of an entirely empty bridge. Just one of the many ways that Paris stole my heart.

{Ladurée Champs-Elysées}

Lately I feel as though I’m a little bit all over the place, in London one minute, in Copenhagen the next and then back to Paris but so is life I suppose, flitting from one city to the next without really being grounded in any of them. Here are a few photos from a breakfast date a little while ago at one of the most photographed and clichéd places in Paris. But who doesn’t like a little cliché from time to time, especially when it involves pretty patisseries and a macaron or two? If you’re in town make sure to choose the tea room along the Champs-Elysées as the terrace is simply too pretty to miss thanks to its recent refurbishment. And don’t leave without ordering the Ispahan and the religieuse, two of the prettiest and most delicious patisseries on the menu.


{Snapshots from London}

London exudes a multitude of gray hues; from the bleak sky to the clothes inside my suitcase, well they do say to dress for the weather… The views over London amass a sea of grayness of tinfoil skyscrapers and silvered glass windows. Rows of tin buckets sprout colourful flowers and line the stone pathways. The houses in Notting Hill are painted every tone of black of white and every shade in between which sit against a perpetual overcast sky. But then again if it weren’t for gray we might just take colour for granted…