{Best breakfasts in Copenhagen}

GRØD best for porridge

It’s pretty difficult not to have heard about the much celebrated porridge bar, Grød, when researching where to eat in Copenhagen. On a weekend you’ll struggle to get your feet through the door but this porridge is worth the queue. Grød manages to transform what is often thought of as a dull breakfast staple into something spectacular. This is porridge reinvented, no longer constricted to mornings but a filling and nutritious meal which can be enjoyed sweet or savoury no matter the hour. Offering options such as oat and lentil dhal seasoned with fresh ginger and coriander or an exquisite risotto.

Address: Jægersborggade 50, 2200 Copenhagen // Open: Monday – Friday 7.30 – 21h, Saturday – Sunday 10h – 21h

Parterre Christianshavn best for interior design

Parterre Christianshavn is the café which my dreams are made of. Plants and succulents line the stairway down to a beautifully decorated room which radiates light and warmth simultaneously. A large shabby chic table sits in the centre with vases of fresh flowers and lit candles atop. To one side sits a friend, to the other sits a stranger, all engaged in conversation filling the space with a convivial atmosphere. A spontaneous Kinfolk gathering appears to be taking place. Everything about the cafe exudes happiness and the food served inside is no exception. The walls are decorated with stylish posters of Paris and New York which will induce wanderlust in even the most timid of travelers. You’ll find adorable duck egg blue porcelain pots filled with skyr yoghurt and sprinkled with muesli and a selection of smorgasbord which you can wash down with divine sparkling elderflower water and a flawless coffee, or in my case, both.

Address: Overgaden Oven Vandet 90 1415 // Open: Monday – Friday 7h – 18h, Saturday – Sunday 8h – 18h

Atelier September best for an innovative and delicious breakfast menu

Shelves of pretty crockery decorate one wall of this charming café and selected books and magazines are displayed along the back providing customers with an array of interesting reads. This café has built quite the reputation for itself always packed with groups of youngsters chatting over good coffee and excellent food. And boy is the food excellent. Go here for one of the most delicious and innovative breakfasts in town. The avocado smorgasbord comes seasoned with lemon zest, chopped chives and fresh coriander. The yoghurt is topped with hazelnut granola and a lightly sweetened, stewed courgette sprinkled with basil leaves and matcha tea. The café latte arrives in a pretty china bowl making it the perfect remedy to chase away the cold.

Address: Gothersgade 30, 1123 Copenhagen // Open: Monday – Friday 7h – 19h, Saturday 10h – 16h

Wulff & Konstali best for a traditional Danish brunch

A big part of travelling to foreign cities lies in trying the food, so a place like Wulff and Konstali is a delight for any first time visitors to Copenhagen. This authentic spot serves all of the traditional Danish dishes and what’s more everything is organic and home-made. If you order the brunch, you’ll get to choose five dishes which take your fancy among them are classic Danish staples such as Danbo cheese, thinly sliced avocado sprinkled with rock salt and skyr Icelandic yoghurt with granola. What arrives is an amazing spread of your choices served on a wood-grained slab with rye bread on the side. This style of brunch is an ideal introduction into Danish cuisine and still allows you to tailor it to your individual tastes. If you’re daring enough, try the øllebrød, a traditional beer and rye-bread porridge eaten for centuries by the Danes.

Address: Isafjordsgade 10, 2300 Copenhagen // Open: Monday – Sunday 7h – 20h

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The charming interior of Parterre exudes the cool of Scandinavian style yet retains the friendliness of Danish charm. The two combine perfectly to create the most perfect of spaces, both minimalist yet cozy at the same time. The breakfast menu offers traditional Danish fare executed to perfection such as smorgasbord with sliced avocado and a generous sprinkling of rock salt as I learned the Danes seem to love. Expect to arrive to a warm welcome and leave with a satisfied tummy.

Address: Overgaden Oven Vandet 90 1415 // open Monday – Friday 7h – 18h, Saturday - Sunday 8h – 18h

GRUNDTVIGS KIRKE astounding church

Grundtvigs kirke resides at the top of a steep hill, the only incline me and my bike encountered in this flat city, which with this exception, proved to be an amateur cyclist’s dream. The architectural gem which awaits atop is worth the climb. Unpretentious in character, its the clean lines and astoundingly high ceiling which wow the unexpectant visitor. Light floods in from the tall windows creating a cavernous space where a sense of calm and serenity pervades your being.

Address: På Bjerget 14B, 2400 København NV // Open Monday-Saturday 9h - 16h, Sunday 12 – 13h

ORIGINAL COFFEE best for coffee

In the center of the shopping area lies the luxurious department store Illum; Copenhagen’s answer to le Bon Marché if you will; the white marble criss-cross staircase will have you momentarily confused as to whether you’re in Paris. Fear not for the host of trendy Scandinavian designers will confirm your actual location as well as rob you of your travel money! On the top floor you’ll find a specialty coffee shop where you can rest those tired, over-shopped feet with an impeccable brew. Even better there’s an outdoor snug complete with blankets and tree trunk tables making you think you’re in a roof-top wood cabin, if such a thing exists.

Address: Østergade 52, 1001 København K // Open Monday – Saturday 10h – 20h, Sunday 11h – 18h

MEYER’S BAKERY best cinnamon roll

A walk along Jægersborggade road is a must to take in the Copenhagen’s atmosphere with a plethora of hip shops and great eateries. Make sure not to miss Meyer’s bakery for the best cinnamon roll in town after all a trip to Copenhagen wouldn’t be complete without one of these treats.

Address: Jægersborggade 9, 2200 København // Open Monday – Friday 7h – 18h, Saturday – Sunday 7h – 16h

CENTRAL HOTEL & CAFE coziest cafe

Central Hotel & Cafe boasts to be the smallest hotel in the world with only one room. This alone makes me want to stay here, after all I’d imagine the service must be pristine. The cafe downstairs is one of the cutest little spots in the city with a sliding window for you to make your order outside if you so wish.

Address: Tullinsgade 1, 1618 København V // Open Monday – Friday 9h – 21h, Saturday 10 – 17h

SUMMERBIRD traditional sweets

Have you heard of a flødebolle? I certainly hadn’t before researching the best eats in Copenhagen. You know those chocolate coated marshmallows that you used to find at parties years ago, well essentially that’s what they are, except these are sinfully indulgent. The best ones come from the famed chocolatier Summerbird where they nestle two extravagant chocolate truffles inside the fluffy marshmallow. You’ll never look at a marshmallow tea cake the same again.

Address: Kronprinsensgade 11, 1114 København 

I thought I’d thoroughly researched where to go in Copenhagen but as it turns out there are a few places which I’m bitterly regretting not going to. Isn’t travel regret simply the worst. Knowing that it is impossible to squeeze so much into a long weekend puts my mind at ease but there will always be that nagging thought taunting me with fitting more into each day. I didn’t want you to miss out on these gems therefore must insist you climb the Round Tower and pay the Botanical Gardens a visit. Please let me know if they are as beautiful as they look in my mind. The below photo was taken by the extremely talented Nana Hagel who also writes a beautiful blog full of ideas for Copenhagen.

For more photos of Copenhagen take a look at my photo diary

{Copenhagen travel diary}

Copenhagen is a city which really struck a chord with me, I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did but there is something about the Danish capital which immediately won me over. From the moment we stepped off the airplane the Danes had us in fits of laughter with their sense of humour and laid-back attitude. I think much of the attraction has to do with the biking culture which is phenomenal; bike lanes seem wider than roads and at sight these two-wheeled rides outnumber cars by a long stretch. I spent hours cycling those flat roads listening to my favourite Danish singers on repeat, Agnel Obel & MØ. Never have I ever felt so entirely liberated, utterly free and blissfully content than in those moments. The streets are not short of inspiration dotted with impossibly attractive Danes with their long limbs, blonde hair and effortless style. I adored their fashion sense likening it to a cooler Parisian style; neutral hues and blacks are favoured but its less forced and edgier. I feel as though I made some beautiful memories in Copenhagen and have so many interesting stories to share of my short time spent there and perhaps that’s one of the reasons I think so fondly of the city now. Here’s a short photo diary of my time there but I’ve also curated a Copenhagen guide which will be coming soon.

{Cafe Pouchkine}

Cafe Pouchkine is conveniently located inside the department store Printemps and once you know of its location you won’t need much of an excuse to stop for a mid-shopping sugar pause. The patisseries are as exquisite as the ornate interior, each one carefully crafted to meticulous attention. You’ll notice Russian influences throughout the selection of patisseries, one of the specialties being the Medovik, a multi-layered honey cake which is simply heavenly. If you’re feeling inspired from your introduction into Russian indulgence, pick up a traditional gingerbread, otherwise known as a pryanik to-go.


{Château de Versailles}

Sometimes the impromptu decisions are the best ones or so I’m learning. I have a tendency to plan everything to minute detail but sometimes it’s nice and certainly a lot less stressful to have no plan at all and simply go where the wind takes you. That’s sort of what happened last Sunday. My working day finished earlier than anticipated so late in the afternoon I found myself quite unexpectedly at Versailles after receiving an impromptu invite from a friend. Ordinarily I would have thought it too late in the day to venture outside of central Paris but this time I didn’t over-think it, I just went with it. And I am so thankful that I did as it turned out to be the most magical of Sunday evenings and the perfect end to my final day in Paris. I was in fact to board a plane that every evening which proved for a slightly stressful train ride back to Paris. The cotton candy sky was a thousand hues of pink glowing over the palace as we departed the golden gates. It was one of those moments which I won’t be likely to forget any time soon.


Carette is one of those spots in Paris to come for a lovely Parisian cafe experience. Their breakfast menu is that of a classic french petit déjeuner consisting of a tartine with jam and butter, a basket of brioche and viennoiseries accompanied by a café crème  and a freshly squeezed orange juice. Whilst the standard French breakfast is a little too starchy and too sweet to have on a daily basis, it’s nice to have it from time to time and when you do it’s even nicer to know a place which does it well. If you’ve got a little space left after your breakfast then the macarons are not to be missed, said to be some of the best in Paris. The floral china and pretty patisseries are just a couple of the reasons I return time after time.


{Miss Jones}

When work brought Kim to Paris, I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of shooting with her. Not only is she adorably sweet but she also makes my job a thousand times easier with her relaxed approach and envy-inducing wardrobe. Together we created a few visual stories to document her time in Paris; I sought out the prettiest Parisian backdrops and Kim styled the most flawless outfits. On this particular afternoon we strolled St Germain playing hide and seek with the sun as we weaved in and out of backstreets eventually ending up at a pretty Parisian terrace for tea and lunch al fresco.

For the whole collection of photos you can visit Kim’s blog

{Sometimes you have to go back to move forwards}

I’d left my soul in Paris, every part of my being was aching to return. My former happy go lucky self had seemingly disappeared and when you lose a part of your self, the only think left to do is return to reclaim it. And that is exactly what I did. I was greeted with old friends who lent an ear to my woes and helped to rebuild my security. Truthfully speaking it was a weekend which I was very much in need of. I had needed to return to part ways with Paris properly. I left feeling a thousand times happier and feeling self-assured in my plan. So far in life I’ve found it essential to have a plan to give me a sense of purpose and something to strive towards even if it doesn’t always work out or there are hiccups along the road I always need to have faith in my plan. It was a wonderful weekend filled with old friends as well as new ones, frequenting my former haunts as well as discovering new ones. In the meanwhile I’m so excited to share with you some of the photos taken whilst there and a few of the projects I embarked on.


I spent today daydreaming about the idyllic Château de Chantilly, of all the castles in Paris, this one is by far the dreamiest I’ve been to. One of the wonderful things about living in this city is having so many beautiful day trip locations just a hop, skip and train ride away. If you’re ever feeling worn out by urban life, you can rest assured you’re never far from peace and tranquility.

{Jardin du Luxembourg}

Looking at these photos below you wouldn’t believe that its already October in Paris. Hopping off the airplane, even at dusk the temperature seemed miles warmer than in England. This threw all of my packing askew forcing me to forego my original outfit plans of oversized knits and ankle boots. The temperature didn’t once get cold enough for me to unpack my trench coat which I’d recently purchased especially for the trip. But who am I to complain about sunshine and warmth when the gardens in Paris look as dreamy as this.