{Baume de rose}

The baume de rose is one of those products which everyone swears by and its earned its cult status for good reason. Its the type of product which you treasure so dearly that you save it solely for special occasions or those times when you need a little pick-me-up. An adorable glass pot filled with a creamy lip balm which leaves your lips feeling as soft and pastel pink as rose petals. Its heavenly scent makes me dream of dinner parties at dusk, walking from your apartment to the hosts taking a detour past quaint flower shops to pick up fresh roses for the event…

{Parc Monceau}

As soon as spring graces us with its beautiful presence all I want to do is bathe on the freshly mowed grass of every park in Paris. On this day, Paris saw the first of those phenomenal blue skies so in celebration a friend and I made our way to the closest park possible. After wondering around the gardens and smelling every cherry blossom tree we passed, we stumbled across what has to be the most beautiful apartment I’ve ever laid eyes on. I very naughtily sneaked into the courtyard as this beauty was simply too photogenic to not risk breaking a few rules for..

{Saint Georges}

Some time last year, what feels like a lifetime ago now my housemate and I made our way to Saint Georges for the very first time. She and I are both have a penchant for architecture particularly the Haussmannian type which spans across the city, so in search of a new area to fall in love with we were told to make our way to Saint Georges. It didn’t disappoint. Along the way we stumbled across a million places which I’d read about online and thus incessantly pointed them out as soon as I recognised the name. We paused at KB coffee shop and made out way to Sébastien Gaudard for a little sweet pick me up. The architecture superseded all of our expectations and there are too many good cafes around the area that you’ll struggle to pick just one.

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{Audrey for Reiss}

Lately I’ve been working on some fun projects with Audrey. Audrey is the type of person who you’ll rarely find without a smile on her face. She’s alive and bubbly and has an energy which is impossible not to find inspiring so it is no wonder that I always have such fun shooting together with her, laughing all day long. On this particular day I joined in on a few of Audrey’s favourite activities which she indulges in on her days off for a fun collaboration with Reiss and photographed all the spontaneous moments in between! We drank extra-large coffees along Rue Rivoli and of course made a pit-stop at Angelina where I captured her admiring their beautiful patisseries on display, and choosing a couple to take away.

All photographs taken and edited by me, Faye Bullock

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{Pretty little things}

I recently celebrated my birthday back in Paris and it was magical. Every birthday that passes makes me realise just how fortunate I am to have such wonderful family and friends in my life. I was lucky enough to receive some beautiful gifts which were just far too pretty not to photograph so I tried to capture a little of the magic below in a few of the gifts I received. One of my favourite things which I will treasure forever is the hand painted card which one of my housemates gave me, she has such a talent with watercolours and creates the most beautiful designs with them.

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{Café Lomi}

I’m currently out of town for another couple of weeks but whilst I’m away from Paris I thought I’d seize the opportunity of catching up on my back log and share a few of those cafes which I haven’t yet got around to posting. Trust me there are quite a few! This time I’m sharing the much celebrated Café Lomi, not only a cafe but also a staple roasterie providing good coffee to the masses. Café Lomi is perhaps the innovator of the coffee movement which is taking place in Paris, one of the first cafes to roast their own beans and remaining a supplier to many of the specialty coffee shops in town. Although its location may not be the most fashionable, the coffee which awaits inside is worth trekking across town for. If you haven’t  already noticed I’m an enormous granola fan and make it my mission to try it at most cafes I go to, I can safely vouch for Lomi’s blend; crunchy and nutty and made in house.


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Nothing pleases me more than a terrace, so much so, that I couldn’t imagine my birthday morning spent anywhere else. Unfortunately for me, my birthday falls a few  days before the month of April when all of the terraces in Paris start to open. After calling up a few hotels to no avail, I ended up stumbling upon Ralph’s and so the decision was made. It turned out to be just perfect, this terrace is open all year round therefore catered for the slightly nippy weather offering blankets to cover our knees whilst our hot beverages warmed up our fingers. My friends and I were blown away by the impeccable service and the smiley waiters who went above and beyond to look after us. Not only were the hot drinks perfectly made but they also came with a side of the most heavenly toffee and peanut popcorn which was the icing on the cake. The terrace is true to the Ralph Lauren style with tartan cushions and waitresses dressed head to toe in preppy clothes yet there still remains an air of the chic rive-gauche.


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{Café Marlette}

A few weeks ago I dragged myself out of bed particularly early on a Sunday morning to make sure to catch brunch with the lovely Lali, Meg and Anjya at a reasonable time however much to our dismay they were only serving serving breakfast at that hour. It turned out for the best as we had a delicious little breakfast much lighter and much more suited to my palette than the brunch.
The orange juice was sweet and freshly squeezed, the coffee was a flawless blend from Coutume cafe and the banana bread was still warm out of the oven, sometimes it pays to get there early and that banana bread was totally worth foregoing my lie-in for. Café Marlette is another staple along the trendy rue des Martyrs, as if we weren’t spoilt for choice with the abundance of brilliant coffee shops in that area, we now have another one to add to our map.


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{Chateau de Sceaux}

France certainly isn’t short of chateaux, which fortunately means that there are some pretty amazing day trips to be had whilst in Paris. Most are located just outside the city, however le Chateau de Sceaux is just a few minutes train ride away from central Paris, just close enough for convenience yet just far enough to make it feel like a special outing. Truthfully I was blown away by this little chateau, what it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in grandeur. The pastel hued walls, gold-adorned frescoes and ornate chandeliers make the rooms some of the dreamiest I’ve seen. If like me, shabby chic and antiques are your thing, you might find yourself drawing interior design inspiration for your future Parisian abode. Whilst the castle itself may be petite, the grounds which surround it are enormously vast. Designed by none other than Le Notre – the garden architect more famous for designing the gardens at Versailles and Fointainebleu, his symmetry and landscaping are equally as striking here. Honestly I cannot believe that I’ve lived in Paris for so many years without ever visiting this little gem of a castle and its actually inspired me to look up other smaller castles in the heart of the Ile de France. One of the most beautiful days we ever had was visiting the Chateau de Bagatelle, a little castle in the 16th arrondissment of Paris, so if experience is anything to go by then the smaller castles seem to be the most charming so far.

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{Cherry blossom dream}

I cannot quite explain to you the amount of joy which cherry blossom brings to me. This year I’m hunting down every cherry blossom tree in Paris and following in the Japanese footsteps of Hanami, an age-old tradition of picnicking underneath blooming cherry blossom. This time Audrey and I met at the Eiffel tower and later found ourselves underneath this beautiful tree which provided a sky of pink confetti above our heads which proved just too pretty not to photograph. If like me, all of these trees are making you desirous for serene landscapes in Japan, then curb your wanderlust with a trip to the Albert Kahn gardens for the prettiest cherry blossom set amongst the dreamiest Japanese gardens.

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