{Kim Jones St Sulpice}

I know that this site isn’t particularly fashion orientated but I couldn’t help but share a few photos from the photography work which I’ve been embarking on recently. How could I not share these photos when Kim looks as gorgeous as she does? St Sulpice is and always has been one of my favourite peaceful places in Paris. It’s a place I always used to come for a bit of solitude to gather my thoughts although due to the increasing popularity of the flagship Pierre Hermé store which is located just off the square, it’s no longer a particularly peaceful or quiet place these days. When Kim assigned me the task of location scouting I immediately thought of this spot which was a former haven to me and as ever beautiful as it always was. Once more we got fortunate with the weather as the sun glistened off the fountain and Kim’s hair shined in the sunlight

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Here’s a little postcard of the iconic Sacré-Coeur peeking through one of the winding streets up in Montmartre. There is something so quaint about the apartments up in that area which has a lot to do with their imperfect structure and slightly dilapidated walls. It’s nice to find a side of Paris where its beauty lies not in its grandeur but in its imperfections and individual characteristics.

Kim Jones Jardin du Luxembourg

When I first saw Kim in this Eudon Choi floral skirt she looked like a vision of Summer so the only place we deemed apt to it shoot was in the the perpetual spring-like Luxembourg gardens. I had a vision of her against the abundance of yellow potted flowers but what we arrived at was even more beautiful than I’d imagined in my mind. The gardens were softly lit with that warm light which happens just before sunset and lasts for only a few fleeting minutes but those minutes are always the most precious ones. A scattering of empty green chairs awaited us so Kim modelled the skirt whilst I tried my best to shoot the magic which was happening before my very eyes. It was a perfect end to a perfect day and a reminder that sometimes even Paris can surpass my imagination.

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{Lilac Paris}

Admittedly these photos were taken a while ago when the trees weren’t bare but instead blossoming with beautiful lilac flowers. The wind blew lilac petals onto our shoulders and into our hair so we twirled and danced under the purple rain. It was a blissful yet fleeting moment, when we opened our eyes again the petals had already reached the floor but the proof was there as we walked the streets sprinkled head to toe in lilac confetti. I’m doubtful that Paris gets much prettier than that..

{Breakfast guide to London}

Breakfast isn’t always easy to come by, especially in a city with as much choice as London. Where does one even begin? I’ve curated three places which you can rely on for a superb breakfast in the city, all very different from each other yet all exceptional in their own right.

MONCOLE CAFE best for coffee

Monocole cafe has become a pit-stop for locals who pop in to get caffeinated on the Allpress blend but impeccable coffee isn’t all they do. Their breakfast menu offers an array of unique dishes including a Scandinavian spread with rye bread and smoked salmon as well as their deliciously nutritious bircher muesli. This well-styled cafe with its fashionable interior displays old issues of the iconic Monocle magazine which will please loyal readers and entice new-comers. 

Address: 18 Chiltern St, London W1U 7QA // Open: Monday – Friday 7h – 19h, Saturday 9h – 18h, Sunday 10h – 18h

Best for breakfast with a view: DUCK AND WAFFLE

The Duck and Waffle is not your average restaurant, it surpasses most by miles, not just towering above them in height but also in quality of food. Dining at the Duck and Waffle is more than just eating out, it is experiencing. This incredible eaterie is 40 floors up making it the highest place to eat in England and the views quite literally take your breath away. My friend ordered their signature dish, the clue is in the name, duck confit served on top of a fluffy waffle along with a duck egg and a mustard maple syrup. I ordered the granola, naturally, and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time, perhaps I’d gotten too used to the stingy measured portions in Paris or perhaps the red berry compote took this breakfast staple to another level. The fact that it’s open 24/7 is the cherry on top. I’ve always dreamed of a city which never sleeps and the thought of being able to order a three course meal at any hour of the night is what makes city life so exciting.

Address: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY // Open: 24 hours

HALLY’S best for interior design

When I first saw a photo of the stalls at Hally’s it was love at first sight, anywhere with sunshine yellow stalls and white marble counters will undoubtedly wow me. The interior is inspired by the sunny beaches and relaxed vibe of California which is apparent throughout the light, bright space. The food is as superbly executed as the décor with an extensive breakfast menu where nothing looks short of divine, I mean how amazing do ricotta pancakes with berries, fig, honey & crème fraiche sound?

Address: 60 New King’s Rd, Fulham, London SW6 4LS // Open: Monday – Sunday 8h – 18h

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A little while ago we ventured to the then newly opened Fragments. Of all the cafes in Paris there is something distinctly different about this one; it might be down to the New York style interior which feels more Brooklyn than Marais or it might be the effortless ease of the barista, Youssef, who manages to create extraordinary results and simultaneously chat and joke with his customers. Unsure of whether the cafe was yet open we tentatively peered through the window only later to realise that the unfinished look was purposeful and rightly so – after all the exposed red brick walls and bare fittings and fixtures added to the relaxed atmosphere of the cafe. It’s entirely unpretentious and doesn’t try to be anything that it’s not. Unique in design there is something admirable about Youssef’s endeavor to pave his own path among the multitude of uniform brasseries which dominate the surrounding area. Unfortunately for us, we went before the kitchen had opened so contended ourselves with superb coffee but after seeing such things as sweet potato cake pop up on my Instagram feed I think a return trip is in order.

 Address: 76 rue des Tournelles, 75003, Paris // Metro: Filles du Calvaire // Open: Open Monday-Friday 8:30-18h, Saturday 10-18h

{Le Marais}

Le Marais is one of the oldest ares of Paris full of winding backstreets and beautifully old buildings. If you ever tire of the the seemingly perfect avenues in Paris I would recommend taking respite in the imperfect cobbled streets of le Marais. It’s also a nieghbourhood full of hidden gems which I thought I’d share with you all here, although admittedly some of them aren’t that hidden anymore. Here is just a little taste of what this area has to offer: Hotel de Sully for stunning architecture, National Archives for peace and quiet, Breizh Café for crepes, les Fées Patissières for mini French patisseries, Place des Vosges for Victor Hugo’s house, Diptype for heavenly scented candles, la Favorite for French coffee, l’éclair de Génie for multi-coloured eclairs, Carnavalet museum for history and manicured gardens, le Mary Céleste for oysters and cocktails, Meert for vanilla waffles, Yvon Lambert for art and books… Truthfully this list is never-ending but I hope the above suggestions help you enjoy the best of this charming neighbourhood.

{Ispahan picnic}

Whilst mid-November might not be the right time to be talking about picnics along the Seine I still have a large back-log of unpublished Paris posts. One day at the end of summer we thought we would celebrate the last of summer picnics with the best one yet. We passed the market at Bastille to stock our picnic basket with fresh fruit and berries and made our way to the banks of the Seine where we dangled our feet and sipped on litchi juice. Below is a little visual diary in celebration of summer and my most treasured pass-time of picnicking – when people ask me my favourite thing to do in Paris my response is always to picnic along the banks of the Seine be it day or night as long as I’m joined by good friends and good cheese I’m completely content.

{Best breakfasts in Copenhagen}

GRØD best for porridge

It’s pretty difficult not to have heard about the much celebrated porridge bar, Grød, when researching where to eat in Copenhagen. On a weekend you’ll struggle to get your feet through the door but this porridge is worth the queue. Grød manages to transform what is often thought of as a dull breakfast staple into something spectacular. This is porridge reinvented, no longer constricted to mornings but a filling and nutritious meal which can be enjoyed sweet or savoury no matter the hour. Offering options such as oat and lentil dhal seasoned with fresh ginger and coriander or an exquisite risotto.

Address: Jægersborggade 50, 2200 Copenhagen // Open: Monday – Friday 7.30 – 21h, Saturday – Sunday 10h – 21h

Parterre Christianshavn best for interior design

Parterre Christianshavn is the café which my dreams are made of. Plants and succulents line the stairway down to a beautifully decorated room which radiates light and warmth simultaneously. A large shabby chic table sits in the centre with vases of fresh flowers and lit candles atop. To one side sits a friend, to the other sits a stranger, all engaged in conversation filling the space with a convivial atmosphere. A spontaneous Kinfolk gathering appears to be taking place. Everything about the cafe exudes happiness and the food served inside is no exception. The walls are decorated with stylish posters of Paris and New York which will induce wanderlust in even the most timid of travelers. You’ll find adorable duck egg blue porcelain pots filled with skyr yoghurt and sprinkled with muesli and a selection of smorgasbord which you can wash down with divine sparkling elderflower water and a flawless coffee, or in my case, both.

Address: Overgaden Oven Vandet 90 1415 // Open: Monday – Friday 7h – 18h, Saturday – Sunday 8h – 18h

Atelier September best for an innovative and delicious breakfast menu

Shelves of pretty crockery decorate one wall of this charming café and selected books and magazines are displayed along the back providing customers with an array of interesting reads. This café has built quite the reputation for itself always packed with groups of youngsters chatting over good coffee and excellent food. And boy is the food excellent. Go here for one of the most delicious and innovative breakfasts in town. The avocado smorgasbord comes seasoned with lemon zest, chopped chives and fresh coriander. The yoghurt is topped with hazelnut granola and a lightly sweetened, stewed courgette sprinkled with basil leaves and matcha tea. The café latte arrives in a pretty china bowl making it the perfect remedy to chase away the cold.

Address: Gothersgade 30, 1123 Copenhagen // Open: Monday – Friday 7h – 19h, Saturday 10h – 16h

Wulff & Konstali best for a traditional Danish brunch

A big part of travelling to foreign cities lies in trying the food, so a place like Wulff and Konstali is a delight for any first time visitors to Copenhagen. This authentic spot serves all of the traditional Danish dishes and what’s more everything is organic and home-made. If you order the brunch, you’ll get to choose five dishes which take your fancy among them are classic Danish staples such as Danbo cheese, thinly sliced avocado sprinkled with rock salt and skyr Icelandic yoghurt with granola. What arrives is an amazing spread of your choices served on a wood-grained slab with rye bread on the side. This style of brunch is an ideal introduction into Danish cuisine and still allows you to tailor it to your individual tastes. If you’re daring enough, try the øllebrød, a traditional beer and rye-bread porridge eaten for centuries by the Danes.

Address: Isafjordsgade 10, 2300 Copenhagen // Open: Monday – Sunday 7h – 20h