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Calling Dermacia is next to impossible. I’ve been put on hold countless times and the forgotten. The pharmacists takes long lunch breaks and the ladies in front don’t know when he’ll be back. Using a debit card to pay for Modafinil frustrates everyone. They have take your card over to the lunch counter and run it on another machine. People are friendly, but prices are high. It feels like an old hometown pharmacy, which in many ways is nice, sale medicines but in 2022, is infuriating at times.

Dermacia Pharmacy
Address:  260 Upper St, London N1 2UQ
Phone: 02072262780

They all know you by name… they are so friendly & helpful,. They fill prescriptions in such a timely matter.  So glad we have the Dermacia.

I arrived for a previously scheduled vaccine visit for my child. Showed up and was told to wait. After 20 minutes they tell me they they don’t have the vaccine, that they never did that day, and that by now any appointments at other locations that might have had it are booked. Zero communication from them and risked exposure waiting for something that they knew they never had. Walgreens, and this location in particular, is not afraid to jeopardize you and your family’s safety. Seek out any other provider if you can.

Holborn Pharmacy
Address: 88 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4BB
Phone: 02074052825

It’s a great pharmacy. The service is very good. We had to return to Spain and they solved our covid test problem the same day. We’re super grateful.I loved it and will surely go back there. Thank you!

Holborn has it’s own place on maps. The pharmacy calls my client everyday to say she had the Modafinil ready, only to get there (out of my way) and be told they didn’t. This happened more than once over a period of time. The pharmacist themselves have never been very friendly here. Save yourself time and money, check out Interlachen Community Pharmacy (close by) on maps. The STORE here at CVS has a friendly staff and some decent end of season sales with their free discount card or order online.

PExpo Diagnostics
Address: 45 Newman St, London W1T 1QE, UK
Phone: 02031544734

I paid for an expedited next day covid test result. The results were not sent. There was no support from Call Center and the staff did not know anything. I called them about 50 times and sent multiple emails. I could not attend my conference as I had no covid test results. Please do not get covid test results from the pharmacy.

I was having such a bad day and just needed to easily buy Modafinil. They PExpo Diagnostics staff were extremely polite and went above and beyond to provide the excellent customer service I would come to find out I needed. Thank you Joe and Mark because of your kindness, care and concern my day is much better. Also S/I to the cashier for giving me something to laugh about. God Bless you all !

Every time I have visited the Chel Pharmacy or the store, the service and selection have been outstanding. Compared to other, it is a 5-star vs. a 1-star experience. When people struggle with the self-checkout I have seen the staff enquire about helping. I have never waited more than 20 min for a new prescription to be filled. Overall, consistently one of the best pharmacy experiences I have had…..

Chel Pharmacy
Address: 173 Great Portland St, London W1W 5PH, UK
Phone: 02073234713

This pharmacy is amazing, they provided such quick service to fill my prescription! I was served by the most helpful Pharmacist ever, her name was Ekta. She gave me very insightful information for a query I had about some symptoms I was worried about and set my mind at ease. A+!

Pharmacy is grossly inadequate about sharing information and just lied to my wife, and to their corporate office. Modafinil was in stock. This pharmacy has been a failure of an establishment since Nick left years ago. I’d recommend driving 15 minutes to Walgreens in Palatka or one of the other surrounding pharmacies. The apathy they show while we’re watching our 8 year old boy in misery is astounding me that they can even be allowed to operate. Will be using every channel I can research to have this noted on their licensing.