Mallorca Guide

Mallorca makes up one of the Balearic islands off of Spain. It’s gained quite the reputation as a Brits-on-Tour holiday destination but away from Palma and the buzzing nightlife, there are rugged coves, rocky beaches and incredible viewpoints to be uncovered. There are endless beaches bordering the coastline, some little frequented by tourists due to the difficulty in reaching them. To my mind, Mallorca is a prime example of the best things in life not coming easy as all of Mallorca’s gems aren’t easy to reach. You’ll have to hike over mountains, descend rocky paths and sweat in the summer heat if you want to discover the best of the island. Reaching the secluded coves with their crystal clear waters makes all of the hard work worthwhile though. I would advise heading to the North of the island or along the East coast as those are the less spoilt areas, below is a guide to Northern Mallorca inclusive of the best beaches and bars.

Cala Boquer 

Cala Boquer is a beautiful secluded beach with crystal like waters and very few people in sight. However it isn’t easy to reach; it entails a long walk over part of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range before you even get a glimpse of the sea but the beautiful beach which awaits is worth the rocky hike.

Cala Figuera 

Cala Figuera is an idyllic cove where the turquoise waters lap against the pebbled shore. You’ll have to descend a steep, rocky path to reach it but the enticing sea below will keep you motivated on your descent. Set up base on one of the flatter rocks with breathtaking views overlooking the sea and the few boats which are anchored a little further out.

Cala Sant Vicenç – Cala Cabro

This area of northern Mallorca is a haven for secluded coves. Each beach is only a couple of minutes from the next but my favourite among them is Cala Cabro which is the furthest one away. It’s the most tranquil and by far the prettiest with its clear blue waters which is probably why its the most popular spot for scuba divers and kayakers.

3/65 Restaurante

This luxury hotel is nestled atop the hill of a vineyard and has all the charm of rural Spain. Luxurious four poster beds border the swimming pool where guests are relaxing with an iced beverage. A sense of calm surrounds the pool where everyone talks in hushed tones afraid of disrupting the beauty that the peace brings. The bar and restaurant are open to non-guests and the tucked away terrace is the ideal shady spot to enjoy a glass of wine from their extensive wine list.

La Moraleja

La Moraleja is a private mansion turned hotel in the aforementioned Sant Vicenç region and is as opulent as hotels come in Mallorca. It has beautiful rococo and neoclassical elements through the hotel and into the secluded gardens. The perfect place to enjoy a flawless frozen daiquiris lounging by the pool.

Cap de Formentor

The lighthouse stop Cap Formentor landmarks the most northerly point on the island. It’s a pretty scary ride to get there and its hair pin bends and terrifying cliff faces ensure you concentrate on nothing but the road ahead. The views make it all worthwhile: a mass of blue as far as the eye can see.


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