Mauritius Guide

Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a beautiful island surrounded by a limpid lagoon and turquoise waters. It’s a fusion of French, British, Indian and African influences – this melting pot of cultures make it one of the most diverse and culturally-rich islands to visit. Powdered white sands and azure waters line the coast while tropical rainforests teeming with endemic birds make up its mainland.

Where to stay: The most beautiful beaches are located on the south coast, luxury resorts line the east coast and the north is livelier and busier. I stayed at Heritage Le Telfair, a luxury colonial-inspired hotel situated on one of the beautiful beaches on the south of the island.

What to do: Sunbathe on the icing sugar sands, take a catamaran ride out to sea, go dolphin watching, try local rums including Chamarel distilled on the island, walk through the tea plantations and hike through the rainforest.

When to go: Mauritius boasts a year round warm climate making it a popular holiday destination any month of the year. I went in February which is their wettest month along with January. The best time of year is November through to December for the hottest and most reliable weather.

What to eat: The food reflects the fusion of cultures on the island. The cuisine includes curries of every variety, fresh seafood and exotic fruit salads. Typical dishes include smoked marlin, palm heart salad and dal pancakes.


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