Perfect Storm in Amalfi



We managed to time our trip to the Amalfi just when a storm was due to hit. As the trip neared closer the forecast was looking bleaker, and my plans of al fresco dinners, coastal paths, and boat trips were seeming less and less likely. Naively optimistic, I underestimated the forecast thinking I could will the sun to shine but no amount of positivity was going to deter this storm from coming. The day we arrived the weather was perfect, and we managed to enjoy at least one lunch on a sunny terrace staying until sunset to eke every last second out of the disappearing sun. That night the storm rolled in bringing with it heavy rains and a lot of disruption to our plans. All ferries to Capri were suspended due to rough seas, meaning we had no possibility to check in to our hotel on the island. Very kindly they put us up in their sister hotel in Naples where we bought an umbrella, traipsed around in the rain and consoled ourselves with pizza (very good pizza though I have to say). The storm was pretty relentless for the rest of the trip, but it did bring with it some dramatic skies and breathtaking rainbows. Sometimes life throws a lesson at you just when you need to learn it. The biggest lesson in travel is that things don’t always go to plan, which is a hard lesson to learn. No matter how meticulously you put together an itinerary, how far in advance you make hotel reservations and how diligently you research restaurants, there are so many things outside of your control and the weather is a big one, but rest assured that where there’s rain, a rainbow is never far behind.

If you get luckier than us with the weather then I would recommend an al fresco lunch with stunning views at Maestro restaurant, cocktails at the super chic Il San Pietro terrace bar, a local Italian dinner at Baccofurore’s sunny terrace, the beautiful Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo gardens, a day trip to Nerano for Lo Scoglio’s courgette pasta, and a delizie al limone at the charming little Pasticceria Pansa in Amalfi. 



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