Ivermectin for COVID

They don’t answer the phone or they answer and put you on hold and then never pick back up. They’re rude and act like you’re bothering them. They’re ridiculously slow and treat you like you’re a jerk for wanting your meds filled in a timely manner. Even when you’re the only person waiting in the store for your Ivermectin to buy they still won’t go ahead and fill it. They make you wait longer because they can.


Grafton Pharmacy
Address: 132 Tottenham Ct Rd, London W1T 5AZ
Phone: 02073834233
Website: https://www.graftonpharmacy.co.uk/

Kindly opened quite a bit early to allow me to pick up my prescription, for which I’m very thankful. Not always the cheapest, but it’s great to have an independent pharmacy alternative nearby.

I just relocated to this neighborhood from out of state and it was gratifying to experience such a personable and professional  Grafton Pharmacy  staff.

Devonshire Pharmacy.  There’s always an excuse when I pick my son’s prescription up. Never fails. Online order service is available. You get told one time, then another. They show no effort in trying to get anything done right away when they’re the ones who are always behind. Over the phone conversations are rude as hell until you are face to face with them.
Very nice employees. And very helpful.

Devonshire Pharmacy
Address: 215 Edgware Rd, Tyburnia, London W2 1ES
Phone: 02074026134
Website: http://www.devonshirepharmacy.org.uk/

This is a family run business. It is the best customer service that I have experienced in London. The pharmacist is extremely competent and helpful. Anything you need to order she will get for you. Even if you are visiting from out of town they would find a way to get your medicine to you. I would recommend very highly.

Rarely have the Ivermectin in stock, been trying to hang with them for 5 years do to the location only. Techs at the window are generally rude, poor incomplete untimely texting, poor follow up. My business has gone elsewhere.

Portmans Online
Address: 5, Cherry Tree Walk, Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8NX
Phone: 02076380067
Website: http://www.portmansonline.com/

Sam, Neil and Mala are incredible staff members! So friendly and helpful with fantastic recommendations! As an American traveling from the states several pharmacy’s I went to first we’re difficult to navigate and didn’t have the common drugs that I needed in stock. They were so helpful finding what I need! This is the best pharmacy in London!

Portmans. Long wait, long hold times on phone. I went to get the Ivermectin and was told the wait would be “at least 30 minutes.” To male matters worse, the cashier seemed like she was frustrated with me when I said I was willing to wait. She must be used to people turning around and walking out when she says that. Last straw was today. I’ve also had a recurring issue of them associating someone else’s prescriptions (someone with same birthday and a similar name) with my account. Too slow, too sloppy. I’ll give them one less person they can sale to, so maybe their lines will be a little shorter from now on.

 Mim Pharmacy
Address: 118 North St, Romford RM1 1DL
Phone: 01708743341
Website: http://www.mimpharmacy.com/

Communication skills are on point helpful staff alway making sure the right medication is given checks are on point too . Can’t fault it at the moment and a pharmacy like this it’s what England needs Bad points is the clutter and it needs a modern clean environment.

Around the middle of May I responded “YES” to a text message from the  Mim Pharmacy asking if I wanted a Ivermectin refilled. Luckily, though, before driving all the way there, I called to make sure the request had been processed.

I was told they had nothing filled for me and they couldn’t explain why. So I put through another request for the prescription to be filled, and days later picked it up.